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Maintenance Plans

Access to expert guidance and the latest software tools from Vero Software.
Your investment in a WorkPLAN Solutions has brought transparency, control and efficiency to your business, our Maintenance Plan will bring you even greater gains. With over 20 years' business, engineering and software development experience, Vero understands your business and works with you for the long term. Benefit from the expertise guidance of the Vero personnel who created the software and together make even greater business gains.
Plan Benefits at a glance :

Stay abreast of latest software tools and best business practice...

WorkPLAN gives you the latest software tools and best business practice. Apply them to your business to continue to reap the benefits of your investment in WorkPLAN software. Make sure your competitive edge stays sharp!

Protect your operations with expert back-up...

Our Hotline Support minimizes your downtime and gives you peace of mind. Providing efficient support when you need it via telephone or internet, Vero's expert advisors will respond quickly to your issues, allowing you to focus on your business and your customers.

Benefit from our continuous software improvements...

Our continuous software development program brings you many performance enhancements throughout the year, keeping you constantly at the leading edge.

Protect your investment and manage your costs...

Keep your WorkPLAN system at peak performance and fully supported with one regular annual payment.

Optimize your workforce skills...

Through regular interaction with our maintenance customers, we can not only resolve software issues but also diagnose training requirements helping you build the skills of your workforce and ensure you always use the software to its fullest potential.

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