CRM | Mobile with Swing Mobility

Using your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop, just a few clicks are all that are required to access your CRM thanks to the Mobile license developed in collaboration with Swing Mobility, a leader in mobile applications:

  • Accessible through Apple, Windows and Android platforms
  • Access customer data (addresses, contacts, ...)
  • Organize and track your CRM tasks (appointments, actions...)
  • Display a summary of your opportunities, quotes, orders and turnover

Packing Management

From now on, shipments can be managed with precision and communications between departments is enhanced while reducing the amount of paper-based documentation.

The touch tablet allows barcode scanning and real-time data entry into WORKPLAN:

  • Make up your packages
  • Edit your packing lists and/or labels (weight, dimensions, departure date, ...)
  • Track the progression of each shipment, from package preparation to loading.

Integrated CMMS

To maintain your production equipment at its optimal level, WORKPLAN now offers fully integrated CMMS functionality. A fundamental transversal tool which leverages WORKPLAN module functionality: Purchasing, Quality, Cost Analysis, Planning...

  • Issuing of intervention requests directly from the workshop with default signalling
  • Definition of spare parts and document management for each machine
  • Time attribution and purchasing records for CMMS related unproductive tasks
  • Real-time tracking of your maintenance schedule (corrective and preventive).


WORKPLAN is now integrated with Hexagon's CABINET VISION application to offer a solution adapted to the requirements of the woodworking industry. By combining a specialized interior layout CAD/CAM system with a high performance project management solution, WORKPLAN 2018 allows users to organize workshop operations from the design stage of a project right through to its completion:

  • Project import into CABINET VISION from the design phase
  • Synchronization of component libraries
  • Estimated time and material requirement feedback via Bid Center
  • Optimization and nesting program input via S2M
  • Production schedule management with automatic distribution.

EDI and API Functionality

In order that your company maintains permanent communications with customers, suppliers and partners, WORKPLAN employs technologies such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and non-standardized APIs (Application Programming Interface). Database synchronization is made with files such as XML, CSV, Excel, etc..., ODBC SQL or Web Service queries.


  • Creation of multi-line quotations and bulk order importing
  • Creation and updating of third-party datasheets
  • Interface with shipping software (TNT, DHL...)
  • Communication between WORKPLAN databases (Outsourcing management)

New Quick Access License

After the integration of leave and purchase requests in Version 2017, the name of the 'Manual Time Management' has been changed and has been further enhanced by the introduction of new functionality.  Renamed 'Rapid Access License' in Version 2018, intervention requests related to the new CMMS module have now been integrated.

Additional New Features

Across the board, from quotations to quality control through design, manufacturing, technical data management, purchasing, scheduling and time management, the different modules of the software contain a wide range of new features.

  • Favorites Management
  • Email template management (automatic signature)
  • Planning: Automatic planning update each time it is consulted
  • Dual entry management for greater accuracy during inventories
  • Dimensioned elements: minimum stock per format and cut component management
  • Document management directly linked to productive tasks
  • Creation of outsourced or purchase orders from barcode readers...