WORKPLAN Information Management

WORKPLAN’s InfoManager stores all information, documents and data together within the integrated file management system that automatically creates a default structure of folders and files for each quote or job. EasyView is a Windows® explorer type of layout, allowing you to find your relevant data quickly and easily. 

Features at a glance
  • All data affected by project are available from one location
  • Track modifications or work order changes throughout the project
  • Quickly find and display any information related to the current, or past jobs
  • Set Automatic email notifications

Information access is controlled by WORKPLAN’s user access rights management, so you can set which users have access to which data. You can effectively manage multiple company sites or locations within the same database.

EasyView allows you to navigate or search through data by customer, quote, project, CAD file, etc. You can switch from one functional module to another quickly. 

Filters can be created based on any criteria. This allows you to quickly find then research similar projects form the past. Using past information is a simple copy and paste operation, with a follow up modification to the numbers if required.

WORKPLAN also features smart information tools which can send automatic email alarm notifications to all the users of the database. One single system managing all the information is a success key to ensure that all team members stay informed on the important dates, events and actions required.