WORKPLAN Job Management:

Job Management allows you to monitor the progress of your jobs once you received or wait for the purchase order but already started the study work process based on a budget approval received from the customer. With this, you can check and act according to the real time progress of the industrial process forecasting your results according to the current projected profit/loss. All of the data file management and project based documents are saved, for easy retrieval. 

Features at a glance
  • Automatically convert a quote to a job in just a few clicks
  • Set job process from a template or past job
  • Define project team, sales and technical managers
  • Manage engineering or production changes
  • Manage the life cycle of your project using the index level
  • Track all internal processes, supplies and subcontracted items associated with the project
  • Increase your profitability: drill down to specific costs and times
  • Control your cash flow and set payment schedules for timely customer invoicing

WORKPLAN allows you to convert a quotation or several quotation versions into a project in just a few seconds. In this final process, you can adjust the budget approved by the customer, insert discounts and special rates agreement even if they are different to what was originally quoted. Quoted data can also come from standard templates or reused from previous successful jobs.

Create internal budgets to track your project’s profitability. At any time, you can view a real time project summary of current profitability and print a global or detailed report. 

WORKPLAN facilitates the sales and administrative work from the confirmation of order, for documents, shippers, invoices, etc. throughout the various stages of the project management stages. This automation not only increases efficiency, but reduces data entry errors.

All information is available in real time, no matter what stage of completeness. See technical and/or financial information at any time.

WORKPLAN’s Job Management associates all the data to the project to control the activities. From subcontracted items or supplies to the life cycle of the part, you can have an immediate and quick access to the data and the project status.