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WORKPLAN MES - 2021.0 Release
WORKPLAN MES - 2021.0 Release
WORKPLAN MES - 2021.0 Release
WORKPLAN MES - 2021.0 Release
WORKPLAN MES - 2021.0 Release


The 2021 release of WORKPLAN, enhances automation and flexibility to further cement its integration into the sheet metal market.

Continuous improvement for sheet metal world

Initially used as a business calculator for sheet metal quotes, RADAN’s quoting module, Radquote, connects seamlessly with WORKPLAN, and now updates projects using referenced components present in a bill of material, optimizing the price for the project.

It’s also possible to mix WORKPLAN base items and new parts requiring a specific calculation in Radquote on the same quote lines. Material prices are automatically updated between the two solutions, and the system can now generate a request for a quote through the sheet estimation, directly based on RADAN’s nesting engine.

Activity Basket Group

Enhancements to the activity basket, which was launched in WORKPLAN 2020.0, make it possible to automatically create all baskets for the same project in just a few clicks…or from a nest with a simple drag and drop. And the activity baskets can now be controlled via the barcode system with specific manufacturing ranges, or via touch screens. This revolutionizes the management of time tracking, and promotes automation and flexibility in the workshop. It also simplifies the management of assembly activities, heat treatment and finishing operations.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

A new set of measures has been introduced to guarantee maximum protection for storing both customer and employee data. We have also implemented best practice guidelines related to the fundamental rights of GDPR such as consent management, right to be forgotten, right to change, and data portability.

WORKPLAN continues to integrate into all Hexagon solutions, with more and more projects in preparation, in order to be an increasingly essential part of the full digital chain.

Cashflow Management

Because cashflow management is a necessity for every company, we have improved Risk Management (which can be based on the calculation of outstanding payments) but also created a new concept, invoice reminder.
Possibility to define reminder level in WORKPLAN, with standard emails by levels and prepare emails direclty in Outlook.

Sending Email Group

It is now possible in WORKPLAN to define multiple email lists on company sheet to send documents (quote, orders, consultations, invoices, etc.) to several recipients.

New Look for Workshop Touchscreen License

It is now possible to customize the display for the touch screen by choosing from 4 color themes: Original (green), Black & White, Deep Blue, Light Blue.