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The 2022.0 release of WORKPLAN continue with integration and collaboration solutions.

It is now possible to manage in WORKPLAN the productive Time Tracking for the user out of the company with dedicated webpage. Furthermore, the integration of Active Directory of Microsoft gives the possibility to reduce the number of login & password to enter in WORKPLAN.

The needs of our customers continue to evolve, and we must support them in these changes. The time allotted for administrative task is decreasing, and if the automation of production processes has become a must, it is just as much for administrative tasks.

WORKPLAN version 2022.0 therefore now allows mass emailing of invoice in just a few clicks. Whether it is one email per invoice or all of a customer’s invoices in on single email, sent at the end of the day, week or month.

Associated with predefined email templates, all the communication with your customers is centralized and archived in each WORKPLAN order.

The sheet metal market has been at the center of WORKPLAN innovations for a few years, a very important market where HEXAGON promotes innovative and integrated solutions between these different products: prices calculation, programming of machine tools (Laser, Bending, Tube, etc….) but also the Project Management ERP/MES.

In order to meet more and more customer needs, it is now possible to manage the material in Coil format, on an automatic line or in pre-cutting of standard formats. Coils are managed throughout the supply chain and production management with the RADAN interface.

The management of nesting in the workshop is now possible according to two complete workflow which are the Activity Basket and the Touchscreen with or without barcode reader.

The historic M&D markets where WORKPLAN has been able to make these letters of nobility for 25 years are not left out. The interface with VISI the CAD/CAM integrated software of Hexagon Group is in turn highlighted - thanks to the automation of its implementation. It is now faster and easier to connect WOKRPLAN and VISI - thanks to configuration choices that closely match existing CAD customizations.

The BOM import of VISI is therefore done intuitively as the design progresses, making it possible to update the WORKPLAN project with a single click from the Assembly Manager. A synchronization log makes it possible to follow the evolution of imports and to limit re-entries, which are always a significant risk of error.

The WORKPLAN planning module which is 100% integrated into its own, also gets a new look in terms of automatic placement rules.

A major element in the choice of production management system, the planning is the image of your workshop, based on the production routes cards, the links between tasks, the forecasted time and realized time.

WORKPLAN can operate in infinite capacity or finite capacity, and it is in this automatic mode that the placement rules have been revized to limit the load holes that formed as a result of overly strict rules.