Flexibility and Profitability are the trump cards for WORKPLAN 2017R1

New modules and new functionality developed for the 2017R1 version of WORKPLAN from Vero Software will improve management and control of industrial processes.

Christophe Mas, WORKPLAN Sales Manager, says: “Following our latest customer seminar, this new version is the result of hard work by a team who are always attentive to customers’ requirements out in the field. Being close to our customers allows us to develop new versions with a prime objective to facilitate the day-to-day activities of our users."

Enhanced ease of use and flexibility
The ease of use and flexibility of WORKPLAN has been improved for this new version. Rapid and efficient, the new 'search' mode allows users to locate information stored in the database or in notes and documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) using a multi-criterion based method: keywords, element types (quotes, orders, invoices, etc.), and element search selection.

WORKPLAN 2017R1 helps optimize the organization and structure of electronic documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) at each stage of a project (quotes, orders, operating modes, etc.).  The new 'File Management' functionality further enhances document management thanks to tree structure templates and confidentiality, validation or modification rules which can be applied according to target recipients.

The Aim of WORKPLAN 2017R1: Improve the profitability and productivity of its users   
It is now possible to input employee 'leave requests' directly in WORKPLAN. A genuine management tool, this new functionality is based on the WorkFLOW module and an internal validation system. Validated leave requests are automatically synchronized with the absence calendar allowing managers to anticipate potential bottleneck situations and to optimize working capacities.

WORKPLAN 2017R1 offers a solution for custom manufacturers but also for mixed mode production management. The 'Net Requirements Calculation (NRC)' is a stock and supply management tool for internal and external production resources.

Thanks to the ability to take into consideration both external and internal orders, procurement lead times and manufacturing lead times, WORKPLAN is able to suggest production launch dates and material purchase order date proposals. The 'Net Requirements Calculation' promotes lower stock levels while, at the same time, guaranteeing just-in-time supplies.

WORKPLAN 2017R1 now allows users to anticipate risks associated with high outstanding customer amounts, suspected payment risks, etc.  It allocates a maximum outstanding amount to clients when recording a new order or before delivery – and the information is immediate. With the 'Client Risk Management' function, users are informed through warning or blocking messages if the order amount exceeds the maximum outstanding amount that has been defined for a given customer. Users can also request an automatic update of outstanding customer receivables, by simply synchronizing the outstanding amounts from the accounting system via an interface.

An ERP solution which 'interfaces' according to the sector of activity
WORKPLAN proposes different interfaces with other Vero Software applications to meet the specific needs of different sectors of activity (design, tooling, laser cutting, and custom manufacturing). With version 2017R1, WORKPLAN continues its progress in the sheetmetal working sector by interfacing with RadQuote from the RADAN family of software solutions.  A genuine costing tool, RadQuote automatically feeds technical breakdown information into WORKPLAN indicating the different operations to be carried out, materials to be used, etc. WORKPLAN and RadQuote offer a complete and automated digital channel from the quotation through to production for the sheetmetal working market.

• Vero Software has reinforced WORKPLAN’s sales and support teams by adding two new members – Willy Chupin as sales representative, and Denis Garest as Project Manager.

Christophe Mas concludes: "We are very proud of the work that we have accomplished and which will allow us to continue the trend of further progression year on year. The strengthening of the Sales and Technical teams will ensure an even stronger progression of our share of the market. WORKPLAN has consolidated its position as a major player in the field of industrial custom manufacturing."


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