Listed below are the previous releases of WORKPLAN, to view what features where introduced in each of the releases click the buttons below.

WORKPLAN Version 2022.1


In WORKPLAN 2022.1, the database is updated to MySQL 8.0 to make it faster and more secure. Other new enhancements within WORKPLAN 2022.1 include:

  • Improved synchronization with RADAN
  • Improvements in the Activity Basket module
  • Improvements in the MES Touch Screen module
  • Connection with TEVA 3D Viewer within CABINET VISION

Improved synchronization with RADAN

WORKPLAN plays an important role in Hexagon’s end-to-end solution for sheet metal fabrication. After a first level of integration as a part of this end-to-end solution, the synchronization between Radquote, WORKPLAN and RADAN CAM is further improved, with more precise details to allow users to optimize processes and follow-ups.

All the information collected during the quote and order processing can be recorded, tracked and communicated for each production phase (for example, the paint to be used, the cutting strategy, the type of heat treatment or analysis of whether the drawing received is ready for production).

Improvements in the Activity Basket module

The dedicated Activity Basket module developed for MES activities in WORKPLAN is further improved with the capacity to play and pause activity progress in real time and to be more compliant with real-time production.

A visual indicator is provided on screen to easily show what activity is in progress and what activity is stopped.

The Activity Basket has interesting functions that can be used for different industry applications such as heat treatment, painting or for all operations where multiple parts are regrouped in one single operation.

Improvements in the MES Touch Screen module

It is now possible to automatically print forms directly from the MES Touch Screen module of WORKPLAN when the operator terminates a specific operation, and it can control the same if all of its predecessors are finished.

The management of quantities of the parts produced during production is also optimized, with a check for consistency with previous tasks.

Connection with TEVA 3D Viewer within CABINET VISION

Connection with TEVA 3D Viewer gives users the possibility to illustrate and communicate with customers directly on the project plans from the quotation stage until the production phase. This connection is included in the CABINET VISION interface.

WORKPLAN Version 2022.0


The 2022.0 release of WORKPLAN continue with integration and collaboration solutions.

It is now possible to manage in WORKPLAN the productive Time Tracking for the user out of the company with dedicated webpage. Furthermore, the integration of Active Directory of Microsoft gives the possibility to reduce the number of login & password to enter in WORKPLAN.

The needs of our customers continue to evolve, and we must support them in these changes. The time allotted for administrative task is decreasing, and if the automation of production processes has become a must, it is just as much for administrative tasks.

WORKPLAN version 2022.0 therefore now allows mass emailing of invoice in just a few clicks. Whether it is one email per invoice or all of a customer’s invoices in on single email, sent at the end of the day, week or month.

Associated with predefined email templates, all the communication with your customers is centralized and archived in each WORKPLAN order.

The sheet metal market has been at the center of WORKPLAN innovations for a few years, a very important market where HEXAGON promotes innovative and integrated solutions between these different products: prices calculation, programming of machine tools (Laser, Bending, Tube, etc….) but also the Project Management ERP/MES.

In order to meet more and more customer needs, it is now possible to manage the material in Coil format, on an automatic line or in pre-cutting of standard formats. Coils are managed throughout the supply chain and production management with the RADAN interface.

The management of nesting in the workshop is now possible according to two complete workflow which are the Activity Basket and the Touchscreen with or without barcode reader.

The historic M&D markets where WORKPLAN has been able to make these letters of nobility for 25 years are not left out. The interface with VISI the CAD/CAM integrated software of Hexagon Group is in turn highlighted - thanks to the automation of its implementation. It is now faster and easier to connect WOKRPLAN and VISI - thanks to configuration choices that closely match existing CAD customizations.

The BOM import of VISI is therefore done intuitively as the design progresses, making it possible to update the WORKPLAN project with a single click from the Assembly Manager. A synchronization log makes it possible to follow the evolution of imports and to limit re-entries, which are always a significant risk of error.

The WORKPLAN planning module which is 100% integrated into its own, also gets a new look in terms of automatic placement rules.

A major element in the choice of production management system, the planning is the image of your workshop, based on the production routes cards, the links between tasks, the forecasted time and realized time.

WORKPLAN can operate in infinite capacity or finite capacity, and it is in this automatic mode that the placement rules have been revized to limit the load holes that formed as a result of overly strict rules.

WORKPLAN Version 2021.0


The 2021 release of WORKPLAN, enhances automation and flexibility to further cement its integration into the sheet metal market.

Continuous improvement for sheet metal world

Initially used as a business calculator for sheet metal quotes, RADAN’s quoting module, Radquote, connects seamlessly with WORKPLAN, and now updates projects using referenced components present in a bill of material, optimizing the price for the project.

It’s also possible to mix WORKPLAN base items and new parts requiring a specific calculation in Radquote on the same quote lines. Material prices are automatically updated between the two solutions, and the system can now generate a request for a quote through the sheet estimation, directly based on RADAN’s nesting engine.

Activity Basket Group

Enhancements to the activity basket, which was launched in WORKPLAN 2020.0, make it possible to automatically create all baskets for the same project in just a few clicks…or from a nest with a simple drag and drop. And the activity baskets can now be controlled via the barcode system with specific manufacturing ranges, or via touch screens. This revolutionizes the management of time tracking, and promotes automation and flexibility in the workshop. It also simplifies the management of assembly activities, heat treatment and finishing operations.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

A new set of measures has been introduced to guarantee maximum protection for storing both customer and employee data. We have also implemented best practice guidelines related to the fundamental rights of GDPR such as consent management, right to be forgotten, right to change, and data portability.

WORKPLAN continues to integrate into all Hexagon solutions, with more and more projects in preparation, in order to be an increasingly essential part of the full digital chain.

Cashflow Management

Because cashflow management is a necessity for every company, we have improved Risk Management (which can be based on the calculation of outstanding payments) but also created a new concept, invoice reminder.
Possibility to define reminder level in WORKPLAN, with standard emails by levels and prepare emails direclty in Outlook.

Sending Email Group

It is now possible in WORKPLAN to define multiple email lists on company sheet to send documents (quote, orders, consultations, invoices, etc.) to several recipients.

New Look for Workshop Touchscreen License

It is now possible to customize the display for the touch screen by choosing from 4 color themes: Original (green), Black & White, Deep Blue, Light Blue.

WORKPLAN Version 2020.0


The latest release of WORKPLAN, from the Production Software business of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, includes new and enhanced functionality making it the first integrated project management system combining ERP and MES in a single database.

Online Job Time Tracking

The new WORKPLAN 2020.0 integrates internet solutions for job time tracking on the world wide web, including clock-in/out time tickets at the start and end of the working day, along with time spent on both productive and non-productive activities. This avoids the need for additional time-consuming data input.

New user interface for stock and program management

Not all companies managing wood or steel panel-type materials have the capacity or desire to set up a complete management system. The 2020.0 release of WORKPLAN offers a simple and efficient stock management solution for them, including aspects such as stock reception/withdrawal, inventory, scrap management and traceability.

ALPHACAM Interface

The system is even more time efficient when interfaced with Hexagon’s CAM programming software ALPHACAM. As soon as the program is validated, data reporting in WORKPLAN, and information about panels and plates, is all completed in a few mouse clicks.

Activity Basket

WORKPLAN 2020.0 introduces an ‘Activity Basket’ which performs a variety of functions. When several tasks from different projects are performed simultaneously within a single production operation, such as 3D printing, heat treatment, punching, or laser cutting, it’s difficult to monitor and assign real cycle times and materials to each project without causing issues with job reports.

Now, when preparing production, users can create a basket of operations grouped by service, and manage all cost distribution according to their individual needs. The supervision window allows consolidation of all pending, in-progress, or finished baskets and programs, either by operator or service. And information is available on real time progress, documentation, and the number of components produced.

New QuickBooks Interface

The new release of WORKPLAN features an improved interface to connect with the Enterprise and Online version of QuickBooks accounting software. All customer and supplier invoices data are swiftly transferred, along with full company records.

CABINET VISION Interface | Labour Import

It is now possible to import the full list of manufacturing operations from a CABINET VISION project into a WORKPLAN quotation, incorporating the expected time based on the Bid Center’s rate tables.


The new and enhanced functionality further increases performance for all project-based companies in the aerospace, automotive, mechanical, sheet metal and woodworking industrial sectors. WORKPLAN 2020.0 enables users to accurately manage and analyse the entire manufacturing process step by step, from quotation to invoicing.

WORKPLAN Version 2019 R1


WORKPLAN 2019 R1 continues the software’s general development by deploying increasingly efficient tools with direct links to other applications, in response to the demand for a fully integrated digital channel, which regroups all communication and data processing tools.

As well as localizing parts on the shop floor, the wide-ranging items of new and enhanced functionality in the project management software include a new generation interface with the WORKNC CAM system; automatic recovery of machining times through the machine connection; new graphic representation for project progression; and a new planning display available through touchscreen.

WORKNC-CAM interface: new generation

WORKPLAN 2019 R1 includes a new interface with the market-leading WORKNC CAM software. A WORKPLAN task number can be readily associated directly in WORKNC. In this way, when postprocessing the WORKNC program, information regarding the task number is transferred to the machine tool.

WORKNC customers were actually the driving force behind us developing this solution, which is why we wanted to offer them the possibility of optimizing the supervision of their operational workflow, and the data exchange between the workshop and different departments.

Also, machining times will be generated automatically by the machine tool itself, and transferred into WORKPLAN through a monitoring tool.

Machine connection: automatic recovery of machining times

WORKPLAN is easily adaptable, fully meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0. “As Industry 4.0 is no longer a desire, but a necessity, the latest release of the software automatically consolidates different data generated on the shopfloor, such as machine status; alarm codes; types of time spent, including adjustment, productive and non-productive; and consolidation of indicators such as OEE and GEE, offering users real time data interrogation in one single application.

New graphic representation: project progression

Implementing planning software is a priority for most industrialists, and implies a certain discipline to obtain a clear and precise visual representation as a meaningful support for users. To give added value to that philosophy, WORKPLAN 2019 R1 integrates a new project process graphic representation as a standard feature, and is based on the current project summary. Users can consult how their project are progressing at any time, even directly from the home page.

Planning display from the touchscreen

WORKPLAN’s integrated Planning module, along with dedicated workshop touchscreen licenses, have become key tools for users. This is why we’ve introduced a new planning display, available via touchscreen licenses, allowing operators to display information either by project or resource.

Other enhancements, at a glance, include:

  • Customization of compulsory input fields
  • Estimation of sheet metal requirements, using RADAN nesting.
  • Improved negotiated component management (purchase/resale)
  • Supplier contract management
  • Comment field spell checking
  • New Business Report analysis
  • Risk Management improvements.


WORKPLAN Version 2018 R1


CRM | Mobile with Swing Mobility

Using your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop, just a few clicks are all that are required to access your CRM thanks to the Mobile license developed in collaboration with Swing Mobility, a leader in mobile applications:

  • Accessible through Apple, Windows and Android platforms
  • Access customer data (addresses, contacts, ...)
  • Organize and track your CRM tasks (appointments, actions...)
  • Display a summary of your opportunities, quotes, orders and turnover

Packing Management

From now on, shipments can be managed with precision and communications between departments is enhanced while reducing the amount of paper-based documentation.

The touch tablet allows barcode scanning and real-time data entry into WORKPLAN:

  • Make up your packages
  • Edit your packing lists and/or labels (weight, dimensions, departure date, ...)
  • Track the progression of each shipment, from package preparation to loading.

Integrated CMMS

To maintain your production equipment at its optimal level, WORKPLAN now offers fully integrated CMMS functionality. A fundamental transversal tool which leverages WORKPLAN module functionality: Purchasing, Quality, Cost Analysis, Planning...

  • Issuing of intervention requests directly from the workshop with default signalling
  • Definition of spare parts and document management for each machine
  • Time attribution and purchasing records for CMMS related unproductive tasks
  • Real-time tracking of your maintenance schedule (corrective and preventive).


WORKPLAN is now integrated with Hexagon's CABINET VISION application to offer a solution adapted to the requirements of the woodworking industry. By combining a specialized interior layout CAD/CAM system with a high performance project management solution, WORKPLAN 2018 allows users to organize workshop operations from the design stage of a project right through to its completion:

  • Project import into CABINET VISION from the design phase
  • Synchronization of component libraries
  • Estimated time and material requirement feedback via Bid Center
  • Optimization and nesting program input via S2M
  • Production schedule management with automatic distribution.

EDI and API Functionality

In order that your company maintains permanent communications with customers, suppliers and partners, WORKPLAN employs technologies such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and non-standardized APIs (Application Programming Interface). Database synchronization is made with files such as XML, CSV, Excel, etc..., ODBC SQL or Web Service queries.


  • Creation of multi-line quotations and bulk order importing
  • Creation and updating of third-party datasheets
  • Interface with shipping software (TNT, DHL...)
  • Communication between WORKPLAN databases (Outsourcing management)

New Quick Access License

After the integration of leave and purchase requests in Version 2017, the name of the 'Manual Time Management' has been changed and has been further enhanced by the introduction of new functionality.  Renamed 'Rapid Access License' in Version 2018, intervention requests related to the new CMMS module have now been integrated.

Additional New Features

Across the board, from quotations to quality control through design, manufacturing, technical data management, purchasing, scheduling and time management, the different modules of the software contain a wide range of new features.

  • Favorites Management
  • Email template management (automatic signature)
  • Planning: Automatic planning update each time it is consulted
  • Dual entry management for greater accuracy during inventories
  • Dimensioned elements: minimum stock per format and cut component management
  • Document management directly linked to productive tasks
  • Creation of outsourced or purchase orders from barcode readers...